Flex is a revolutionary music platform designed for music creators of all shapes and sizes.

It’s versatile and customisable, with a wide range of features available to all. Bespoke options, for ’out of the box’ prices.

Flex is brought to you by two experts in the field, Entwurf and Harvest Media who bring 3 decades of shared expertise delivering projects for music publishers globally.

Creativity and music asset management, expertly married in one platform with a host of features at its core.

  • Scalable sitemap with content management system

  • Customisable UI and UX to distinguish your label

  • Music search and player with advanced features

  • Responsive mobile-friendly UI

  • “The Master” digital asset repository from 10 - 10m hi-res audio files"

  • Advanced analytics and realtime reporting

  • End-User management tools; like, playlists, history and more

  • Geo-ip licensing with eCommerce integration

  • Marketing - SEO, customer exports, CRM integrations

The beauty of Flex is that you can tailor your website just how you want it by choosing a package and then bolting on additional features. Or you can do this in the future when you grow.


Catering for businesses working across multiple regions, territories and corporate environments. Display data by content, display/hide music catalogues (Geo-IP), tracks based on composer society affiliation or group based access to catalogues, cuesheet, stream bit rate.



Upload and manage multiple labels in lossless format with industry standard metadata and distribute to global publishing partners at the click of a button.

Customisable UI

Create bespoke homepage and content pages which reflect your brand and conveys your unique message... so that you stand out from the pack!


AI Integration

Use our AI partners AIMS API and Musiio for rich tagging data and recommended suggestions, ‘sounds similar’ etc.



If you’re an artist, composer or single label/library looking to launch a one-stop shop for your music, this is the option for you. If you want to add any of the advanced features now or in the future, that can still be done with a one-off fee. Happy days!

  • 11 content pages w/ CMS
  • Music search and player
  • Albums and Playlists
  • User registration


This package is finely tuned for multi-label outfits who want next level customisation, advanced search capabilities and logged-in homepages with ‘where you left off’ content. You’ll also get a host of other content opportunities such as a blog, artist profiles and music usages...

  • 15 content pages w/ CMS
  • Advanced search and player
  • Multi-label
  • Mains, versions & stems


Our ultimate offering brings all the Flex benefits and features into one tidy proposition. Suitable for multi-label, multi-region organisations with BIG catalogues... extensive and robust to meet any challenge. Unlimited content opportunities with an artist hub for celebrating your prized assets.

  • Multi-region
  • Multi-lingual
  • Search similar, History, Custom Tags
  • Advanced analytics


Harvest Media is the leading global provider of cloud-based music business services, offering robust, scalable platforms designed specifically for the sync music industry.

Entwurf is a London based creative agency with over 10 years of experience of designing and building custom websites for production music clients around the world.